Belmont Villa residential home was opened in 1984 by Michael and Gillian Twohig. They had room for eight residents, they worked very hard and only employed minimal staff to begin with.

In 1987 they moved to Greenhill Grange, which was a private bungalow on the critchill estate of Frome, and began to change the bungalow into a residential home. Belmont Villa was taken over by Stephen Twohig. Again working very hard he developed the residential home and was able to accommodate 13 residents. Some years later he fortunately was able to buy the house next door to Belmont Villa, which had a large garden between the house and the residential home. There were three years of planning to build the nursing home and it took a further two years until the nursing home finally opened in May 1996 and could accommodate 31 residents.

Since the home opened in 1996 Stephen has remained involved in the home. Sharon Welsh, Stephen’s sister, is the manager of the home.